CannaFlex Hemp Cream
CannaFlex Hemp Cream
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CannaFlex Hemp Cream

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CannaFlex Hemp Skin Cream – For Your Whole Body

CannaFlex™ is a highly effective Hemp oil-based Skin Cream for Instant drug-free relief of dry skin. Smooths rough skin, may be used for massage of scars and provide an enhanced sense of wellness. So gentle it can be used all over, including face, avoiding the eyes.

Triple Value in One Pot of goodness: Skincare, Hemp benefits, Aromatherapy Oils.

You deserve the BEST. Give your skin satisfaction with CannaFlexTM Hemp Skin Cream. Premium ingredients carefully selected for YOU.

Hemp Seed oil provides full spectrum of Super PFA’s and Vitamin E to Nourish Dry Skin conditions. Undiluted, safe and 100% legal.

Best Skin Food. Conditions, moisturises and improves suppleness.

Shea Butter has been used for centuries to soothe dry, uncomfortable skin and reduce inflammation.

Argan oil reduces the appearance of WRINKLES and skin ageing.

CannaFlex™ Hemp Skin Cream combines Hemp Oil, Shea butter and Argan Oil for intensive emollient relief of itchy, flaky skin for the whole body. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin development and guards against ageing.  Peppermint oil helps itching, Lavender oil soothes.

This premium blend of oils has been developed to maximise skin and joint benefits, smooth, longer lasting and easy to apply to specific areas.

Use regularly to reduce signs of Ageing, Anti-wrinkle. Ideal for massage of Stretch Marks, Scars.

You have the benefits of SIX oils specially selected for replenishment and aromatherapy. Includes Vitamin E, Lavender and Peppermint.



Replenishes dehydrated skin, Developed by Natural Skincare expert, Dr Maria McGee, so you can use CannaFlex Hemp Skin Cream with confidence.

Contains 100% natural Plant oils

Premium nourishment for needy skin: Contains high concentration HEMP OIL (Cannabis Sativa Oil). Feel better with revitalised, soothed skin. Leaves skin smooth, supple and conditioned.
Waterproof layer to protect skin. Used regularly you can see the water run off your skin as the Shea Butter seals in moisture helping to prevent water loss. 100%

Undiluted Emollient. The Eczema Society claims that emollients can reduce the need for steroids.

Concentrated formula with aromatherapy benefts of peppermint and lavender. We believe we have made the most concentrated Skin Food on the market. Our ingredients include Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Hemp and Vitamin E.

Unlike our competitors, CannaFlex Hemp Skin Cream is blended to the highest Natural standards and provides soothing, relaxing aromatherapy benefits with NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS.

Ideal for Spot massage of individual tender points – a cream is easier to apply to small areas and CannaFlex Hemp Skin Cream melts to a luxurious oil for gentle massage of finger joints, elbows and feet.
Perfect for massage of temples before bed for restful sleep.

How to Use

Massage gently into skin. Suitable for whole body, including face.neck, hands, wrists, shoulders, knees and feet.

Massage into temples and forehead before bed to encourage restful sleep.

Use regularly for maximum effect.

Ideal for massage of individual joints, elbows, fingers, toes as it is less liquid on application than Massage oil, melts on contact.

A patch test is always advised before using any new skin product.
Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.


Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Vit E