Double Headed Rose Quartz Roller - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in Silk-Lined Box

Double Headed Rose Quartz Roller - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in Silk-Lined Box

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This beautiful Double Sided Rose Quartz Roller is a stunning beauty tool to be treasured...

Beautiful rose quartz crystal has long been considered the crystal of love.

When you buy a White Lotus Rose quartz Roller you can always be guaranteed -

  • A hand made roller, as individual as you are
  • Genuine Jewellery grade natural crystal- not chemically treated
  • A beautiful White Silk lined box to protect and nurture the roller
  • The thicker and stronger White Lotus signature brass clips to avoid breakage and injury
Rose quartz crystal is a very hard crystal that shatters easily during carving. For this reason many producers chemically treat the rose quartz to soften it and avoid breakage. White Lotus crystals are never chemically treated. Our rollers are hand crafted by artisans who work delicately with the crystal to produce the beautiful smooth surfaces your skin will love.

The new Rose quartz roller designs draw inspiration from the White Lotus range of Jade Crystal rollers. Jade Rollers have taken the beauty world by storm over the last few years. Many celebrities including Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham are reportedly huge fans.

Rolling the Rose Quartz Roller across the skin gently nourishes the area. It can naturally close the pores, increase lymphatic drainage to reduce congestion and puffiness and increase microcirculation to tone the skin. As they are so gentle and non invasive they can be used daily as part of any beauty treatment and provide a gentle and relaxing massage while nourishing the skin.

The double headed roller provides a larger head for the cheek and forehead and a smaller roller for the eye areas so providing the best of both worlds.

These rollers come beautifully presented in a silk-lined box for care and protection of the crystal, also making them the perfect gift.