GTi Mindfulness Coaching (Online)

GTi Mindfulness Coaching (Online)

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This course will guide you through the core ‘Mindfulness’ principles and practices. With a step by step on over 15 different mindful exercises, you can practise mindfulness for yourself as well as with your clients. This course aims to reduce levels of stress and anxiety by helping you and your clients to enhance your mental wellbeing and cope with the challenges of life.

Entry Requirements:


More about the course:
Module List
  • Definition and History of Mindfulness
  • Learning the Foundations of Mindful Meditation Practices
  • Mindfulness - Based Interventions
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Benefits of Meditation
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Mindfulness Experiences and Myths
  • Mindful Eating and Self-Exploration
  • Mindfulness Application - Exercises for Yourself and Clients
  • Assessment Questions
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Qualification Obtained:

GTi Award