Large Rose Quartz Roller - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in Silk-lined Box

Large Rose Quartz Roller - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in Silk-lined Box

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Premium Quality /Soothes Skin Improves Texture /Nourishes /Enhances Skin Health

Remove Toxins – Build up of toxins under your skin over time can seriously affect overall skin health. But the rose quartz massage roller aids in quick lymphatic drainage as it eradicates toxins by slowly removing them, thus reducing puffiness and enhancing microcirculation. The latter is extremely important for restoring the natural radiance of your skin.

Reduce Signs of Ageing – As time passes, signs of ageing like wrinkles, under eye circles, fine lines etc. will appear on your skin, regardless of your skin type. However, you can use the rose quartz facial roller to systematically lessen the signs while improving elasticity of skin.

Totally Safe – Authentic rose quartz of premium quality is used in manufacturing this face massager. It hasn’t undergone any chemical treatments nor does it contain any artificial components so the crystals retain their natural properties. It has been declared safe for all skin types.

Healing Effect – Did you know that using this real rose quartz roller has a soothing effect spiritually as well? It is said to promote healing, love, and compassion, while improving emotional health, so you can reap benefits on a mental level at the same time. Glowing skin and calm mind – sounds great, right?

Lovely Gift – Everyone appreciates the gift of healthy and beautiful skin. Present this wonderful item to someone in dire need of a convenient beauty treatment. The rose quartz face massager comes in a beautifully monogrammed silk-lined box, which makes it an amazing gift.

Description: Has your skin become dull and lifeless? Wish to get back that lost glow? It is easier said than done, but not if you have The Rose Quartz Roller! It is exactly what you need to nourish your skin, get rid of toxins, and improve its texture.

History of Rose Quartz

Did you know rose quartz is traditionally touted to be a “love stone”? It is well-known for having an affinity for love – it can effectively house the emotion. It is not just about receiving love from others but realising how you love yourself as well. The stone promotes compassion and appreciation, and can help to mend broken hearts after you have undergone trauma, loss, or emotional anguish. It creates feelings of harmony and unconditional love in relationships that have already been established.

Top Quality

Did you know these facial rollers are made of grade A rose quartz crystals and painstakingly crafted by hand? The handles are made of brass, as it conducts excellent energy flow. To ensure its quality remains unaffected, they are kept in silk lined boxes to prevent friction damage. This beautiful roller has a lifetime guarantee with normal usage.

Firms and Tones Skin

The face roller stimulates skin cell nutrition, while helping to tone skin and tighten it and improving blood flow to enhance overall skin health. It reduces signs of fatigue and ageing like puffiness, wrinkles, under eye circles, etc.

Easy to Maintain

The head of the rose quartz roller & massager is detachable so you can easily clean, and reinsert it when you are done. For your convenience, the package comes with detailed instructions so you can utilise the rose quartz massager in the best possible way.

Who is this beauty tool for?

The Rose Quartz Face Massage Roller is perfect for both clinicians and home users who want to resolve skin problems while improving overall texture.

The best part is you don’t have to go to a salon every time you feel that your skin could use some “freshening up”. This beauty tool can be used from the privacy of your home, so it saves both time and money. Go ahead and place your order now!