Tantastic Flawless Finish Applicator Mitt

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Perfect for a guranteed flawless and streak free finish.


A smooth and luxury surface which is gentle on the face and body while the lotion proof barrier protects the hands against colour transfer.


While many Tanning Mitts are considered disposable our Flawless Finish Mitt is reusable and Machine Washable.


Insert hand inside mitt. Apply desired tanning product (any consistency) to the foam surface and smooth onto the skin in circular movements. Add more tan to mitt as required, ensuring a streak free tan.


Life is fast and spontaneous so you need a tan to match. Tantastic is quick drying and easy to apply…leaving you with soft and supple skin to up to 7 days. With a gorgeous and high quality bronzed glow for you young, busy and fun loving ladies!


ALWAYS USE A MITT Make sure to exfoliate the day before for an even smoother finish.