Double Headed Jade Roller - NaturalChemical Free Crystal in Silk-Lined Box

Double Headed Jade Roller - NaturalChemical Free Crystal in Silk-Lined Box

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White Lotus has released a range of hand made, designer Jade Rollers in a beautiful white silk lined box.

The Jade Roller is a legend in the field of natural and holistic Beauty. Having been used since Ancient times in China by the privileged and wealthy . Jade is still revered today for its amazing properties in modern day China and indeed now the rest of the world.

  • Jade is cooling in nature, cold to the touch and feels amazing as it glides across the skin.

  • It stimulates many acupressure points on the face, leaving one feeling calm and tranquil.

  • Jade is famous for closing and tightening the pores and associated most strongly with the kidney channel in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is intrinsic with prolonging youth.

This Eastern Beauty Ritual is a mainstay in the households and clinics of modern and illustrious women.

Pure Jade Rollers have a fabulous effect on the skin. Providing the skin with ample skin cell nutrition, draining the lymph and increasing microcirculation: All are vital to vibrant, youthful looking skin.

Not only does it make the complexion glow, it also tones and refines. It is gentle enough to use around sensitive areas like under the eyes and on the throat. It can also be used daily or in conjunction with your treatment regime. It also is wonderful to target fine lines and wrinkles as well as congested and puffy skin.

Many Celebrities famously use Jade Rollers regularly in their beauty regime like Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham

Being notoriously hard to carve pure Jade crystals, these models have been painstakingly created to make beautiful works of crystal skin art tools!

It is much easier to carve bigger stones, of natural crystal which is why rollers of this size are normally always chemically treated from low-grade jade, to enable them to be carved quickly.

These Rollers are made from Jewellery grade Jade and are presented in a box, not dissimilar to a jewellery box as it is fitting with the design and contents !

The Double Sided Jade roller contains a small roller and a larger side to conveniently treat smaller and larger contours of the face.